Here a list of Lutheran website, blog, and media links which we highly recommend depending on various interest levels.

Issues, Etc.: Christ-Centered, Cross-Focused Talk Radio and podcast supported by the LCMS; show takes place Monday thru Friday from 4-6pm EST.

Mercy Journeys: the blog of LCMS president, Pastor Matthew Harrison. He focuses mostly on his translation projects of Lutheran fathers, especially those from the 19th to mid-20th centuries. So you can expect quite a bit of Walther and Sasse. The blog turns into a travel diary occasionally as well when his work carries him outside the U.S. He loves jazz, bluegrass, and folk music–so expect random links to related YouTube videos.

Worldview Everlasting: “Committed to knowing nothing but Christ, and Him crucified for the forgiveness of sins… and wondering why the Church in America has forgotten…” Uses a Q&A style format and features Pastor Fisk’s YouTube Bible studies that employs an satirical mix of YouTube culture and pop culture, to deliver 100% pure God’s Word.

Cranach – The Blog of Veith: This is the blog of Gene Veith,Professor of Literature at Patrick Henry College and writer of nearly 20 books on various topics covering Christian doctrine, and the Christian life in the world. His usually very brief blog posts covers everything from politics to film to sports from a Lutheran worldview.

Lutheran Satire: “Teach the Faith by making fun of stuff…” and usually in less than 6 minutes! This is a YouTube channel, and it leaves no false doctrine or non-Christian worldview stone unturned.

Cyberbrethren: The blog of CPH Publisher and Executive Editor Rev. Paul McCain that provides updates on the latest theology and Lutheran patristic works (e.g. Luther, Gerhard, Chemnitz, Walther) studies from CPH, Church year feasts & commemoration insights, and other Lutheran studies. Oh, and he likes firearms…a lot.

Just & Sinner: a podcast hosted by Pr. Jordan Cooper, a former Calvinist

Sister Missouri Synod (LCMS) & Lutheran Church — Canada (LCC) Churches:

Church of the Resurrection (Waterville ME — founded Hope Lutheran, Bangor)