Holy Communion: What Is It…?

Just like the Passover lamb was killed and eaten, so Jesus is sacrificed and made our holy food.

Where is it? It’s there under the bread and wine — not just any bread and wine, but the bread and wine which have Jesus’ words spoken over them. It is by His Word that His promise is true, that this bread and wine give us His body and blood.

Who gives this gift? It was instituted by Jesus. True God and true man. Faith doesn’t ask a million questions but rather says, “Jesus my Lord has declared this gift to be what it is and what it is for and that it is for me. It must then be His true body and blood and it must be for my forgiveness, life and salvation because Jesus Himself has said so.”

For whom is it given? For us Christians. The Lord’s Supper is not just for anyone. It is for Christ’s people. He gives it to us so that He may live in us and we in Him. It’s the special way in which He actually joins Himself to you and you to Him so that you will be raised up to everlasting life.

What do we do with it? Exactly what He says: Eat it and drink it. This is no superstitious talisman or good luck charm. This is the very body and blood of Jesus given to deliver to us all that He accomplished for us on the cross of Calvary.

~ from the Higher Things devotional for Wednesday of the Fourteenth Week after Trinity