Books: Christian Doctrine & Lutheran Theology

Norm Fisher, steward of The Brothers of John the Steadfast has said, “Lutheran doctrine is the doctrine of Christ, that was taught by the apostles and Jesus Himself. The wonderful theology that Lutheranism offers, justification, the Sacraments, the Theology of the Cross, and vocation, to name a few, all find their basis in Christ….Entire books have been written by Lutherans who winsomely proclaimed what it means to be a Lutheran.”

And here are some of those highly recommended books by Lutheran theologians and pastors on the old catholic Christian faith that Luther was trying to protect from papal intrusions:

The Book of Concord – Reader’s Edition (Second Edition)
General Editor: Paul T. McCain
*NOTE: There are a few options in terms of style and text size. Also check out this FAQ section for an overview of what the Lutheran Confessions are and contain.

Luther’s Works (books available individually; new editions also by subscription)

Chemnitz’s Works (books available individually)

Gerhard’s Works (books available individually; new editions also by subscription)

Walther’s Works (books available individually; new editions also by subscription)

Lutheranism 101 series
by Various
*NOTE: The easiest place to start for those new or curious about what Lutheranism is.

The Christian Faith: A Lutheran Exposition
by Robert Kolb
*NOTE: For those who want the basic Christian teachings from a Lutheran view presented with more context but in an accessible way.

Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms (4-part Series)
by Albrecht Peters

On Being a Theologian of the Cross: Reflections on Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation (1518)
by Martin Luther, Gerhard O. Forde

Christian Freedom (1520) – Reader’s Edition
by Martin Luther
*NOTE: Also contains limited selections on the topic from Luther’s commentaries and sermons, as well as Melanchthon’s “Christian Liberty” from one of his central works.

Spirituality of the Cross
by Gene Edward Veith
*NOTE: Dr. Veith is a former ‘Evangelical’ and his book is presented from that worldview.

Scriptural Baptism: A Dialog Between John Bapstead and Martin Childfont
by Uuras Saarnivaara

The Presence: An Approach to the Holy Communion
by Berthold von Schenk
*NOTE: This book, by an LCMS pastor now with his Lord, is exclusively published by an organization not affiliated with the LCMS; we do not recommend any other books on the site where it is found.

At Home in the House of My Fathers
Edited by Matthew C. Harrison

Christian Dogmatics (4-volume set)
by Francis Pieper

Christology [Study of the Person of Jesus] (Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics, Volume 6)
by David P. Scaer

Law and Gospel and the Means of Grace (Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics, Volume 8)
by David P. Scaer

Baptism (Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics, Volume 11)
by David P. Scaer

The Lord’s Supper (Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics, Volume 12)
by John R. Stephenson

Eschatology [Study of ‘the End Times’] (Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics, Volume 13)
by John R. Stephenson

The Genius of Luther’s Theology
by Robert Kolb & Charles P. Arand

Friends of the Law: Luther’s Use of the Law for the Christian Life
by Edward Engelbrecht

The Lutheran Difference
by Various

Women Pastors? (Third Edition)
Edited by Matthew C. Harrison and John T. Pless

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