Spirit Warrior Equine Therapy

186 Garland Line Road

Dover Foxcroft, Maine, 04426

Deaconess Kim Slininger: (207) 356-4554

Judy Cross Strehlke: (207) 564-3451

Deaconess Kim Slininger graduated from CTSFW in 2016 with her MA in Diakonal Studies. Her call to Hope Lutheran Church is reach and support the Veterans and active military in the area. While going through Chaplaincy Pastoral Education classes, she was able to experience first-hand the use of horses in healing moral injury. Deaconess Kim has been working to bring Equine Therapy to Central Maine since 2017.

Deaconess Kim Slininger

Spirit Warrior is the result of this effort. The Equine Facility is located in Dover-Foxcroft where Mt Katahadin can be seen in the distant. Working with Judy Cross Strehlke, who first started Equine Therapy in the state of Maine, Spirit Warrior was developed to bring hope and healing to those who have suffered trauma.

Current programs include:

Two-hour sessions for those who are not quite ready to participate in group activities. In this program the individual will begin to develop a relationship with a horse and work on those barriers to a healthy relationship.

A twelve-week program where the participants will work in a group of four one day a week. This program will help develop good relationship habits, work ethics, and prepare the individual for a career in horsemanship.

Serving the Faithful: In the fall we hope to host a week-long retreat for Chaplains who have served overseas. Participants in the retreat will work with the horses for four days and one day will be spent exploring Maine. The final day has plans for a cookout, star gazing and s’mores.

If you are interested in any of the programs, please contact Deaconess Kim at (207) 356-4554.

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