Monthly Archives: May 2019

Easter 5: A Little While (John 16:16-22)

Audio: sermon-5-19-19.mp3 The text we want to carefully consider today is our Gospel reading from St. John’s 16th chapter. The setting is the Upper Room in Jerusalem where the Lord is gathered with His apostles for the annual Passover Meal.  This is now the third time they have celebrated the Passover together since He called them […]

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Easter 3: Tying Up the Loose Ends (John 21:1-19)

Audio: sermon-5-5-19.mp3 Video: John’s gospel is a bit like some of those movies based on actual history where, after the movie is over and the credits are rolling, the story continues. Actual photos of the people and the places that were portrayed in the movie come onto the screen and some biographical information about what […]

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