Reformation 500 Year Anniversary Lecture Series

Reformation 500 Class Publicity Flyer

Be our guests for a free lecture series on the history of the Lutheran Reformation.

The 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s presentation of the ’95 Thesis’ on October 31, 1517, is being remembered throughout the world as one of the most important historical events to impact the world even to this day.  This course will provide an overview of events that led up to the 95 Thesis and that followed.

Tuesday, May 8th – 6:30 pm: Session #1 – Background to Reformation (Events leading up to 1517).  Civil government in medieval Europe, the medieval church’s spirituality, the relationship between church and state, the printing press, the practice of indulgences.

Tuesday, May 15th – 6:30 pm: Session #2 – Beginning of the Reformation (Events of 1517 – 1521).  The 95 Thesis, significant writings of Luther, the Diet of Worms, life at the Wartburg.

Tuesday, May 22nd – 6:30 pm: Session #3 – Establishment of the Reformation (Events of 1522 – 1546).  The Peasants War, marriage of priests, Luther and Zwinglii, the Diet of Augsburg, the Bible in the common language, the Wittenberg Concord, the death of Luther.

Lecture Location: Hampden Kiwanis Hall, 55 Main Rd. N., Hampden

FREE REGISTRATION: Call 990-5900 or Email

Instructor:  Rev. Paul Nielsen has been a Lutheran pastor since 1993 and is pastor of Hope Lutheran Church, Bangor.

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